Our brilliant students That Complete computer courses New session Students 2019-20) >>> ( 134 ) Sufyan Registration NO: JKIT-1251-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 133 ) Misbah Rafaqat Registration NO: JKIT-1368-2019 English Language ( 132 ) Asad Mehfooz Registration NO: JKIT-1367-2019 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 131 ) Hamza Hameed Registration NO: JKIT-1357-2019 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 130 ) Yasoob Ahmed Registration NO: JKIT-1356-2019 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 129 ) Waqar Ghafoor Registration NO: JKIT-1355-2019 Graphic Designing ( 128 ) Abdul Waheed Registration NO: JKIT-1366-2019 Computer Basic + MS office ( 127 ) Rizwan Registration NO: JKIT-1365-2019 Computer Basic + MS office ( 126 ) Shumaila Farooq Registration NO: JKIT-1364-2019 Computer Basic + MS office ( 125 ) Muqaddas Dauood Registration NO: JKIT-1363-2019 Computer Basic + MS office ( 124 ) Lishba Khan Registration NO: JKIT-1362-2019 Data Entery in Ms Excell ( 123 ) Aniqa Azam Registration NO: JKIT-1361-2019 Data Entery in Ms Excell ( 122 ) Rubab Arshad Registration NO: JKIT-1360-2019 Data Entery in Ms Excell ( 119 ) Iqra Rasheed Registration NO: JKIT-1359-2019 Data Entery in Ms Excell ( 118 ) Anzal Razzaq Registration NO: JKIT-1358-2019 Data Entery in Ms Excell ( 117 ) Atzaz Attar Registration NO: JKIT-1354-2019 Graphic Designing ( 116 ) Sania Taj Registration NO: JKIT-1353-2019 Computer Basic ( 115 ) Sehrish Liaquat Registration NO: JKIT-1352-2019 English Language ( 114 ) Fazan Pervez Registration NO: JKIT-1351-2019 Computer Professional + Office Automatio ( 113 ) Waqar Ghafoor Registration NO: JKIT-1350-2019 Computer Basic ( 112 ) Faisal Shabbir Registration NO: JKIT-1349-2019 Computer Basic ( 111 ) Sehrish Liaquat Registration NO: JKIT-1348-2019 Computer Basic ( 110 ) Tariq Hussain Registration NO: JKIT-1346-2019 Computer Basic ( 109 ) Mudassar Shahid Registration NO: JKIT-1345-2019 photo shop ( 108 ) Batool Zehra Registration NO: JKIT-1344-2019 Graphic Designing ( 107 ) Rimsha Kanwal Registration NO: JKIT-1343-2019 Graphic Designing ( 106 ) Tayyaba Younas Registration NO: JKIT-1342-2019 Graphic Designing ( 105 ) Asama Rasheed Registration NO: JKIT-1341-2019 Graphic Designing ( 104 ) Hina Khushal Registration NO: JKIT-1340-2019 Graphic Designing ( 103 ) Maliha Rasheed Registration NO: JKIT-1339-2019 Graphic Designing ( 102 ) M Waqar Bashir Registration NO: JKIT-1336-2019 Graphic Designing ( 101 ) Waseem Aziz Registration NO: JKIT-1334-2015 Computer Basuc + Office Autometion ( 100 ) Sabtain Shaukat Registration NO: JKIT-1333-2018 Graphic Designing ( 99 ) Farhan Saeed Registration NO: JKIT-1330-2018 Computer Basic ( 98 ) Saran Rafaqat Registration NO: JKIT-1329-2018 Computer Basic ( 96 ) Zarqa Taj Registration NO: JKIT-1327-2018 Computer Basic ( 95 ) Hammad Shafique Registration NO: JKIT-1326-2018 Computer Basic ( 94 ) Naheed Bashir Registration NO: JKIT-1325-2018 Computer Basic ( 93 ) Sudeer Hafeez Registration NO: JKIT-1324-2018 Computer Basic ( 92 ) Abdul Haseeb Registration NO: JKIT-1323-2018 Computer Basic ( 91 ) Sufan Shafqat Registration NO: JKIT-1322-2018 Computer Basic ( 90 ) Hamza Rasheed Registration NO: JKIT-1321-2018 writing ( 89 ) Saba Siddique Registration NO: JKIT-1320-2018 writing ( 88 ) Sabtain Shaukat Registration NO: JKIT-1319-2018 English Language ( 87 ) Jawad Hameed Registration NO: JKIT-1318-2018 English Language ( 86 ) Afaq Shabbir Registration NO: JKIT-1316-2018 Graphic Designing ( 85 ) Naeem Hafeez Registration NO: JKIT-1315-2018 Graphic Designing ( 84 ) Jawad Hameed Registration NO: JKIT-1310-2018 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 83 ) Atzaz Atter Registration NO: JKIT-1309-2018 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 82 ) Rouman Abid Registration NO: JKIT-1308-2018 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 81 ) Zaiba Siddique Registration NO: JKIT-1307-2018 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 80 ) Zaryab Khan Registration NO: JKIT-1306-2018 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 79 ) Muhammad Waseem Registration NO: JKIT-1305-2018 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 78 ) Fayaz ahmed Registration NO: JKIT-1304-2018 Ms office + Computer professional ( 77 ) Fayaz ahmed Registration NO: JKIT-1303-2018 English Language ( 75 ) Shabnum Ramzan Registration NO: JKIT-956-2019 Computer Basic ( 74 ) Wissam Zulifiqar Registration NO: JKIT-953-2019 Computer Basic ( 73 ) Waleed Rashid Registration NO: JKIT-952-2019 Computer Basic ( 72 ) Mehmoona Hayyat Registration NO: JKIT-957-2019 Computer Basic ( 71 ) Faisal Roshan Registration NO: JKIT-955-2019 Computer Basic ( 70 ) Arslan Ghafoor Registration NO: JKIT-954-2019 Computer Basic ( 69 ) Suban Sarfaraz Registration NO: JKIT-951-2019 Computer Basic ( 68 ) Faisal Hameed Registration NO: JKIT-950-2019 Computer Basic ( 67 ) Fayaz ahmad Registration NO: JKIT-2866-2018 English Language ( 66 ) Fayaz ahmad Registration NO: JKIT-1208-2018 Computer Basic + Ms office ( 65 ) Tooba Maryam Registration NO: JKIT-1301-2018 ENLISH LANGUAGE ( 64 ) IQRA Khan Registration NO: JKIT-1302-2018 ENLISH LANGUAGE ( 63 ) Ejaz Muhammad Registration NO: JKIT-1300-2018 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ( 62 ) Saba sabir Registration NO: JKIT-1299-2018 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ( 61 ) Ereej Shabir Registration NO: JKIT-1298-2018 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ( 60 ) Sumaira Zareen Registration NO: JKIT-1294-2018 Web Designing ( 59 ) Asim Ghaffoor Registration NO: JKIT-1293-2018 Computer Basic+Ms Office ( 58 ) Tooba Maryam Registration NO: JKIT-1292-2018 Computer Basic+Ms Office ( 57 ) Bisma Pervaiz Registration NO: JKIT-1291-2018 Computer Basic+Ms Office ( 56 ) Ejaz Muhammad Registration NO: JKIT-1290-2018 Computer Basic+Ms Office ( 55 ) Mamer Hussain Registration NO: JKIT-1289-2018 Computer Basic+Ms Office ( 54 ) Saba Sabir Registration NO: JKIT-1288-2018 Computer Basic+Ms Office ( 53 ) Ereej shabir Registration NO: JKIT-1287-2018 Computer Basic+Ms Office ( 52 ) Mareej Shabir Registration NO: JKIT-1286-2018 Computer Basic+Ms Office ( 50 ) Madiha Shoukat Registration NO: JKIT-2055-2018 Computer Basic+Offic ( 48 ) Hammad Khan Registration NO: JKIT-2054-2018 Computer Basic+Offic ( 47 ) Iqram Fida Registration NO: JKIT-2053-2018 Computer Basic+Offic ( 46 ) Shahbaz Zahid Registration NO: JKIT-2052-2018 Computer Basic+Offic ( 45 ) Tania Saleem Registration NO: JKIT-2051-2018 Computer Basic+Offic ( 44 ) Kashif Talib Registration NO: JKIT-1265-2017 Computer Basic + Ms office ( 43 ) Abdul Samad Registration NO: JKIT-1266-2017 Computer Basic + Ms office ( 39 ) Bilal Zabeed Registration NO: JKIT-1267-2017 Computer Basic + Ms office ( 35 ) Shahab Munawar Registration NO: JKIT-1285-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 34 ) M Nouman Ali Nasim Registration NO: JKIT-1284-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 32 ) Zafran Khan Registration NO: JKIT-1282-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 31 ) Adeel Tasweer Registration NO: JKIT-1281-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 30 ) Muhammad Usman Registration NO: JKIT-1230-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 26 ) Saba Saddique Registration NO: JKIT-1276-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 25 ) Obaid Mumtaz Registration NO: JKIT-1275-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 24 ) Ali Asif Registration NO: JKIT-1274-2017 Auto Cad 2D,3D ( 23 ) Shumaila Mojeed Registration NO: JKIT-1273-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 22 ) Iqra Khan Registration NO: JKIT-1272-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 21 ) Sarmed Ali Registration NO: JKIT-1271-2017 Graphic Designing ( 20 ) Ahmad Zohraz Registration NO: JKIT-1270-2017 Graphic Designing ( 16 ) Afaq Ahmed Registration NO: JKIT-1268-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 15 ) Fouzia Registration NO: JKIT-1223-2017 Logo Designing ( 14 ) Afshan Jamil Registration NO: JKIT-1222-2017 Logo Designing ( 13 ) Ahsan Bashir Registration NO: JKIT-1263-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 12 ) Junaid Farooq Registration NO: JKIT-1262-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 11 ) Hammad Arshad Registration NO: JKIT-1261-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 10 ) Ali Saeed Registration NO: JKIT-1260-2017 Computer Basic ( 9 ) Owais Barket Registration NO: JKIT-1259-2017 Computer Basic ( 8 ) Abdul Muhib Registration NO: JKIT-1258-2017 Computer Basic only ( 7 ) Ubaid Nadeem Registration NO: JKIT-1257-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 6 ) Ali Soban Registration NO: JKIT-1256-2017 Computer Basic ( 5 ) Sakander Hameed Registration NO: JKIT-1255-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 4 ) Aqeel Khurshid Registration NO: JKIT-1254-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 3 ) Afaq Sarfraz Registration NO: JKIT-1253-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office ( 2 ) Muhammad Mazhar Registration NO: JKIT-1252-2017 Computer Basic + MS Office

Well Come To J K Group Of IT Institute

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Jammu Kashmir group of IT institutes is a group of IT related educational project. It’s working all around the Azad Kashmir and different cites of Pakistan as well. It is providing the latest and quality IT education. These IT institutes were establish in 2015. The main vision of these institutes are providing a superiority education all around the world, through regular classes as well as online classes. Here are many tutorials available in this site, millions of people are beneficiaries of these video lectures. Some of them are available below click your favorite course and start learn today.... It is also a welfare project for all those, who can't take admission in regular programs in any institution due to unaffordability or social issues. Here you can take guideline in the form of tutorials without any fee and you can learn at your home. Click the online courses button from menu and start it without any type of registration. You need only a computer and internet connection .you can also apply in your desired diploma course and take classes regularly. After completing your desired diploma successfully you need to pay a very nominal fee for your diploma hard copy. It's completely optional to apply for hard copy for your own record. We have started computer basic, graphic designing, computer languages C and C++ web designing and development and Ms office courses and whole lectures are available in this website free of cost also available these courses in the form of CD,s and DVD,s. You can visit this site and search your choice free of cost or order your course on mention numbers. If you don't have internet connection you can offer these courses (tutorials) in CDs and DVDs. There are many tutorials available in this site, millions of people are beneficiaries of these videos lectures. Some of them are available below click your favorite course and start learn now....thanks

Admission Open contact for info: 03400820009

Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme 2018 has been announced...

Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme 2018 has been announced for 15,000+ Fresh Graduates across Pakistan to join under v Click on Image for Whole Detail...

Latest Government Jobs in Pakistan Railways 2018-2019

Latest Government Jobs in Pakistan Railways Job Title : BPS 1 to BPS 11 all latest jobs in Pakistan railways jobs. Job Click on Image for Whole Detail...

PARCO Pakistan Jobs 2018 Apply Online Last Date Advertisement

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Join Pakistan Navy Jobs 2018 Latest Offers Vacancies

Join Pakistan Navy Jobs 2018 Latest Offers Vacancies for the Positions of Commission Jobs. These posts are to be based SINDH Click on Image for Whole Detail...

Take Online Clases Free (online Courses)

Learn Microsoft Office + Computer Basic Online

Now you can learn computer Basic + Microsoft Office(Microsoft word,Microsoft Excell,Microsoft Powerpoint,Microsoft Access) And other Microsoft tools online.Click the below Learn Now Button And Start Learning Today....

Learn Programming Languges Online

Good News for CS and IT Students Now they can learn differen Programming Languges(Like C,C++,PHP etc)Online And 100% Free of cast.Click the below Learn Now Button And Start Learning Today....

Different Regular Courses in Rawalakot AJK

The basic knowledge of computer is necessary for everyone. Our institute is offering computer Basic course of three month. This course is especially design for such type of peoples who have not much more Knowledge of computer science. In first month we will cover Basic Introduction of Computer(theory),software installation, Typing practice, window installation And internet Basic while in 2nd and 3rd month we will cover about MS Office(MS word, Excel, PowerPoint) And in page.For more detail visit today on reignal branches of jammu Kashmir Academy of computer.

Contact for more Detail About This Course..03115676621 & 03400820009

We can't denial the importance of English Language. Today English language is necessary for every field of life. That's why All Branches of Jk Academy of computer are offering English Language Courses, Both Basic English Language Course and Advance English Language Course with Phonetics and Phonology and IELTS & TOFEL listening. In Basic Language course our Focus to improve Basic Skills of English (Reading, writing, speaking & Listening) the whole Basic Course is Described in above figure. While in Advance course we Arrange special Audio and video Classes.

Contact for more Detail About This Course..03115676621 & 03400820009

Different Short Courses of single Month(1 month courses)

All Above mention Courses Duration is only one month, the instructors of institute will be responsible for complete these courses within mentioned time period. The course online marketing and earning consists of two phases, first two week we'll focus on online marketing and last two weeks we'll focus on online earning. Photoshop and coral Draw Are both very interesting graphical software. Photo shop belongs to photo editing while Coral Draw Belongs to Graphic Designing, Every course have one month duration. Move mixing, networking, Logo Designing, Textile Designing And networking also have One month Duration. Visit our Reignel Branch for more Detail. For further detail you can contact call or SMS on 03115676621 or 03400820009

Advance / Professional Computer Cources For 3 and 6 month

The Total course duration of The Graphic Designing is 3 Month. After completing the Graphic Designing Course the Students Will be Able To Design All Types of Graphic Such As Logos, Signboards, Pamphlet, Broachers etc...The prerequisite of This Course is Basic Knowledge about Computer + Metric.Under Metric Student also apply for Admition in This Course

Contact for more Detail About This Course..03115676621 & 03400820009

Web Designing is Advance level computer course. The Total course duration of Web Designing is 6 Month (3 month Designing + 3 month Developing). After completing this Course the Students Will be able To Design all type of websites(static And Dynamic Websites)...The prerequisite of This Course is Basic Knowledge about Computer + Metric with computer....

Contact for more Detail About This Course..03115676621 & 03400820009

We are offering Different type of high level computer languages to learn. Such as C, C++, OOP With C++ & C#, PHP, Java, Visual Basic, Python etc….The students Can learn any one according to their choice. The duration of this specific course is depending on student. The prerequisite of This Course is Basic Knowledge about Computer + Metric with computer, Fcs, Ics, Cs&IT related student....

Contact for more Detail About This Course..03115676621 & 03400820009

if you want to ask any Question or want to give comments please fill blew form and send us.your feedback is very valuable for us.thanks